UPRIGHT GO is a tiny wearable device that helps correct your posture and strengthen your back muscles – providing the solid foundation that leads to long-lasting back and neck pain relief! This unique device is the solution you’ve been searching for to get rid of the aches & pains and be that healthier, more confident you!

Over 3,350 reviews, 4.7 stars in the app store – Winner of “Wearable Tech Award”!

How it Works

The best way to stop back pain is to stop doing the things that cause it.

The UPRIGHT GO uses a 14-day training program to soothe your back and neck pain through better posture.

Day 1: Establish Your Posture Baseline – Place UPRIGHT GO on your back and it instantly tracks your posture and recommends the best training plan for you.

Day 2: Your Training Sessions Begin – When you slouch, UPRIGHT GO vibrates to remind you to sit upright. This helps you quickly form a habit of better posture.

Days 3-6: Noticeable Posture Improvements – This is where you start seeing results. You’re sitting and standing up straighter without thinking about it. UPRIGHT GO continues to monitor your posture and sends it to your FREE UPRIGHT GO app.

Day 7: Neck and Back Relief – This is when many report the tense feeling in the neck, back and shoulder area begins to melt away.

Day 14: LIFE CHANGING RESULTS – Users experience even greater relief from neck and back soreness, stronger core muscles, more confidence, and even increased happiness from a higher oxygen intake!


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Relieve Your Neck & Back Pain with Better Posture!

Back pain relief is as simple as sitting down – Just stick the UPRIGHT GO on your upper back (with the included adhesives), turn it on, and voila! UPRIGHT GO will remind you every time you start to slouch with a gentle tapping motion. After a few short sessions, you’ll begin to feel it soothing away your back and neck pain simply from better posture.1

  • Say goodbye to stress and anxiety – Seriously… customers report that UPRIGHT GO makes you look and feel more confident, increases oxygen to your brain, and improves your ability to cope with stress.2
  • Fits into your busy schedule – Back pain never happens at a convenient time. So use UPRIGHT GO whenever you’re ready… you’ll forget it’s even there!
  • Anyone can use UPRIGHT GO – It only takes 3 steps! Stick it to your back to use it after a rough night’s sleep, at the office, at dinner with friends, or in the comfort of your own home while you watch TV.
  • The more you use it, the better you’ll feel – You put pressure on your back and neck all day – every time you bend over, stare at a computer screen or read a text message. Using UPRIGHT GO frequently is a great way to gradually strengthen your back muscles to undo the daily wear and tear on the muscles and ligaments around your spine.
  • Visualize your progress – Advanced tracking and training plans in the FREE 5-star app gives you posture feedback in real-time. Your posture is also logged so you can see your improvement over time.
  • Always travel-ready – On the go? UPRIGHT GO fits neatly inside its small carry case, which easily stores in your pocket, purse or bags when traveling. The battery lasts all day on a single charge so you can count on it wherever you go!

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